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Traveling is always fun and exciting. It is enjoyable to search and make travel arrangement. When making these arrangements it always pops the question whether to choose the hotel for accommodation or the private shortterm stay apartments. Being a guest at either type of place has its advantages and disadvantages.

Lets start first with the option of staying at the hotel. There is always the unique feeling when entering the hotel and checking in at the reception. The big lobby if you are in Asia or United States (and not so big in most European hotels). The rooms are usually small, especially in Europe, in general they are clean, and bathrooms are standard and many hotels include those little toiletries. Depending on the size and class of hotel, other perks can include the spa and pool center, the breakfast can be a pleasant experience in respect to choice of food and its quality. At the end it depends on the price of the hotel. The pricier the room/stay the experience can be better.

On the other hand, the private accommodation gives the liberty of earlier and or later in the day checks in or checks out (depending on the host arrangements). Also, the freedom to use the kitchen at free will and to prepare food with local produce (which can be a benefit if you travel with infants). Private accommodation is in most circumstances larger than regular hotel rooms. Maybe, one major benefit is for families with smaller children and the sense of being at home. With private accommodation there is always a risk of cleanliness of the property and its security depending on the location.

Whatever the case is the travel is always something that we look forward to and experience is very important. The current trend is that the private shortterm accommodation is more favorable and gives a direct contact with local community and getting the feel of the host country.

Money wise, there is not much difference. In most cities the price of private shortterm accommodation is in the similar range as the price of hotel room. Therefore, it comes down to personal choice and travel habits.

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